Italia Series: Napoli

And we were off! After midterms, Lauren arranged for us to travel for 3 days down to Napoli. After about a two and a half hour train ride, we went straight to our… Continue reading

Italia Series: Week 5 + 6

In week five, there was a ton of activities going on. We headed over to the second MACRO in Testaccio, a southward neighborhood of Rome. There was an amazing bamboo structure that you… Continue reading

Italia Series: Crit #1

For those of you unfamiliar with what art critiques are in a academic setting, well let me try to break it down for you. For our first mini assignment, we were asked to… Continue reading

Italia Series: The Ghetto, MACRO, the Forum + Palatino

The days and weeks have really been mashed up for me as my time here in Europe is quickly coming to an end. This post is kind of a mash up of various… Continue reading

Travel Light

Currently I am in the midst of my study abroad program and so naturally I thought I’d gather a few of my notes on packing light. It has been about six weeks of… Continue reading

Italia Series: Week 3

Immediately when the group returned from Venice, we all paid our deposits and were awarded our apartment keys! Then five and now six girls (including myself) are staying in a flat in Campo… Continue reading

Italia Series: Venezia

  Our last leg of our week-long caravan trip was to Venezia. From Florence we took a two and a half hour train ride up north. We stayed there for four nights and… Continue reading

Italia Series: Week 1

For the next eight weeks, I’ll be posting specific posts regarding specific sites and museums I visit with the Studio Arts class I have been traveling with for about two weeks now (up… Continue reading

recap: week of paris + weekender in copenhagen

I’ve noticed my inability to write in depth about my wondrous adventures out here in Europe so I thought I’d write a little more into what I’ve been up to, what I’ve seen,… Continue reading


Onward to Copenhagen, Denmark. We stayed in a cozy, modern apartment north of central Copenhagen called østerport. We scavenged for all the tourist spots and all the little nooks we could find. Unfortunately… Continue reading