Posivibes: 11 Ways on How to Live Positively


More than ever the years post graduating college are the quickest ones, where we learn immense amounts about ourselves and the people you surround yourself with. It’s a feeling comparable to speeding straight out of the gates like a race horse trying to chase a carrot the whole run through.

I have learned, grown and cultivated from many new experiences that come with exiting a massive chapter in a young 20-somethings life, undergrad, and beginning anew.

One core takeaway that has lead me toward a path of happiness is living out each experience with positive thinking.

Here are 11 ways on how to live a positive life:

  1. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.
    • Accept what you are feeling and allow it to pass. Emotions are an organic, natural part of being human. There is absolutely no need to judge oneself or others for that matter on feeling however they do. Feelings are neither good or bad, right or wrong. Give yourself the right to let your emotions surface and work through them in order to release them.
  2. Focus on what you want out of life.
    • Rather than dwelling on a challenge or issue you are facing and venting about it constantly, discover and focus on what you want out of life and how you want to lead this one life you do have.
  3. Choose gratefulness.
    • It’s easy to get caught up in the problems we cannot change, but by choosing gratitude and finding the beauty and love within your life in the present moment, the happier you will feel.
  4. Remind yourself how there are many more years to adventure.
    • Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the battle, the small everyday tasks or pet peeves that add up to larger feelings of irritation, or comparing yourself to other’s success. Do not let those minute annoyanes cause you anxiety or stress. There are so many beautiful adventures to be had, people to meet, places to explore and moments to share and grow from. We all grow differently, at different rates. We are still so damn young.
  5. Recognize every problem comes with a lesson.
    • It is okay to fail. The cliche is true — if you’re not failing, you’re not growing. We can become better people if we observe our mistakes and find the meaning to implement into our future decisions.
  6. Spread love.
    • We feed off the advice and complements others lovingly give to us, but don’t also forget to return the favor. Freely express how you appreciate qualities in others and exude love.
  7. Train your mind to see the blessings in every situation.
    • Do not believe everything you think. The mind is one of the most powerful energies as a human being that can either propel you forward or hold you back. Do not give in to your negative thoughts and self-doubting notions. You are worthy.
  8. Let go.
    • Choose to not stress. You have that option always. When you find yourself in a moment of panic, take one physical step outside of that equation and breathe deeply. It is unfeasible to constantly seek perfection. Heck, life wouldn’t be as fun if we did. Put forth your best effort and be proud of that.
  9. Everything happens for a reason.
    • Free yourself from resistance. Accept life as it is and accept the things you cannot change nor control. Timing is everything. Life isn’t a constant battlefield with surprise blowouts.
  10. Be unapologetically you.
    • We all have certain goals in mind, places we want to see and experiences we want to achieve. It is okay to be selfish within reason. Always act with your true self – you can always better the situation later, so you don’t burn any bridges while getting there. 
  11. Be present.
    • Enjoy every single moment. Surround yourself with people you love and things you love to do. You do you. Live wholeheartedly with an open mind and open heart, and you will feel at ease.