Kanpai Ōsaka



Experienced the ultimate ride today. 🎏 Got super lucky: woke up to hit one last stop in Kyoto at the gold-leaf temple, Kinkaku-ji 🎎 with a post-treat yoself café syphon brewed ☕️ hopped on a Shinkansen 🚞 headed for a new scene in Osaka, where us fools somehow ended up scoring free rental bikes 🚲 probably due to our language barrier and the fact that everyone here is so god-damn nice.☺️ Meanwhile we somehow wandered into a neighborhood Sports Day festival ⚾️ at a Shinto shrine where Jamaican jerk chicken 🇯🇲 and Osaka craft brew 🍶 were of the plenty, and taiko drummers jumped with eager smiles and deepened breathes vibrated amongst the pack. We tried a few other new tantalizing meats; snatching a hard-to-find table from a previous pair who opted out of their reserve. 🐄 So we partook in indulging in Matsusakagyu yakiniku, which is arguably a more delectable, top-quality steak massaged, 🍻 dieted, black-haired, female-only variety in Matsusaka (thanks to @nytimes). 🐄 Capped our night with a blessing from a pocketed little temple tucked between yaki-filled alleys and tourists rummaging through unneeded trinkets. Ate one last sweet from a bit of some prized 🍈 from our local 24-hour, neon lit grocery in Horie. Blessed to have experienced many facets of this beautiful country with some new faces and especially this brother 🐻. Im lovin’ your vibe, Japan. 🇯🇵 xox 🙏🏽