The country life consists of day gazing, sun tanning, body surfing and tide pool hunting sessions that fill our mornings, feasting throughout the entirety of the weekend and by night, lugging out our… Continue reading

Posivibes: 11 Ways on How to Live Positively

More than ever the years post graduating college are the quickest ones, where we learn immense amounts about ourselves and the people you surround yourself with. It’s a feeling comparable to speeding straight out of the gates like… Continue reading

Kanpai Ōsaka

  Experienced the ultimate ride today. 🎏 Got super lucky: woke up to hit one last stop in Kyoto at the gold-leaf temple, Kinkaku-ji 🎎 with a post-treat yoself café syphon brewed ☕️… Continue reading

Aloha Mahalo

TEDtalk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek uncovers the impacts of a good leader and one who can truly inspire others to act. Coming from a world of a high volume of big data and this booming innovative society,… Continue reading

Drinking Haiti

Do small things with great love!


Earlier this year, I voyaged around the Bay. The light was superb this fine California Winter day. Perfect conditions to capture both the new and old remnants of the Bay Bridge on the East… Continue reading

Haleiwa Harbor

Haleiwa Harbor, July 2015

Bienvenue a Haiti

Refreshed, as I step into 2016. An opportunity to travel from the western islands of Hawaii to the eastern isles of Haiti fell on my lap. I am blessed to have been apart… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Sydney for the Start

Some of my favorite moments to start 2015 happened in Australia. Fortunately, I was able to hop on Carissa’s first surf competitions of the year at Manly Beach and the Gold Coast. Being able to live… Continue reading